{Februari 7, 2012}   Farewell to Knox

Love and a Six-Foot Leash

Just before Christmas, a young, healthy Knox sent a special holiday package to Chick and then-foster Dora the Explorer.

Today he is gone.

This weekend, our pal from Maryland Knox succumbed to a mysterious illness that grabbed hold a couple of weeks ago, drained his health, left specialists with no answers, and ultimately took his life. Jess and Brian said goodbye on Friday.

It always leaves us a little empty inside when a dog we know passes on to the next world. But Knox left a different, even bigger kind of void– the kind you feel when a young, vibrant life disappears with no reason, little warning, and no explanation.

Please visit Knox’ facebook page or blog and share a few kind words today.

Knox, you were a perfect foster brother, a champion ball chaser, a dapper ladies man, a pit bull ambassador, and the center of your mom and…

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